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Accelerated, Predictable, And Sustainable Growth For Your Small Business. 


Using our online training systems lets you control the pace. You have 24/7 access to the various modules in each program + Client Only Access to our Support Team.


You will have instant access to downloadable PDFs, Templates, and Tools that you can immediately implement into your business to maximize your results.
Here Is Exactly What You're Getting:
Small Business Launch System
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  •  Step-by-Step Online Training System
  •  Private Community + Q&A Calls
  •  Lifetime Access
  •  14 day Money Back Guarantee
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or 3 Payments of $399 
$5,000 Everyday price

Module 1: Your Avatar 

If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one. Understanding the core values and interests of your ideal customer will drastically increase the effectiveness of your marketing. It'll also save you a ton of marketing dollars. 

Module 2: Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

This one practice alone can shave years off the typical "trial and error' way of doing business. 

Module 3: How To Develop A Customized Marketing Strategy

The fact is there are a TON of "gurus", and experts out there telling everyone that a particular strategy is the answer. But the reality is that there is no magic bullet that works in every business. You need to develop a whole-picture strategy that leverages technology. It's like a puzzle, all the pieces are important - and they all need to fit together.

Module 4: Optimizing Your Website & Online Messaging

Your website is the hub of your entire online presence. Regardless of your profession or customer base, being seen and having a clearly defined message online is vital. 

Module 5: Generating Sales & Exposure Thru Pay-Per-Click

For those looking to tap into the multi-billion user base of Facebook, this module will walk you through the basics of launching an ad campaign designed to specifically target your ideal customers. 

Module 6: Developing A Standard Operating Procedure

It is generally accepted that nowadays it takes 4 times more money to get a new customer than it does to keep a new one. Simplifying and improving the communications process with your customers can have a dramatic impact on your success. 

Module 7: Strategies & Tools To Automate

Generate more business, in less time, with less expense by simplifying, optimizing and then automating your processes.
Small Business Launch System™
  •  7 Day Online Training System
  •  Private Community + Q&A Calls
  •  Lifetime Access
  •  14 day Money Back Guarantee
[Webinar Viewer Discount 80%]
or 3 Payments of $399
$5,000 Everyday price
Avoid The Costly Trial & Error Process By Implementing Proven Methods Developed From 23 Years Of Experience.
So I'm going to be blunt with you here....

Whether you are a seasoned business owner, or a fresh out of the gates entrepreneur - there is, and ALWAYS will be room for improvement.

Time is our most precious commodity. You can always get more money, you can always make more friends, but you can never get more time.

That is why I'm so focused on helping my fellow entrepreneurs speed up their learning curve, and generate Bigger Results - Faster.
Twenty years ago, if I had a sales and marketing expert walk into my shop and show me step-by-step how they can help me simplify my processes and increase my sales - I would have been excited, hopeful... and probably a bit skeptical. 

If this describes you - then you're in the right place, at the right time. It means you and I are speaking the same language here. I want you to be all of those, but I also want you to be one more thing...


The fact is that you can probably keep doing what you're doing, and eventually if you work hard enough, long enough- you'll get results. It's all about persistence. I did it that way for over a decade and got pretty far.

But if you want to speed up the learning curve. If you know that it's better to learn from someone else's mistakes rather than your own, then this mentorship program is for you. But you will only begin to benefit once you take action.

  • About Motivation. You are already motivated (you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't)
  •  Getting Rich Quick. True, life-long wealth comes with education, and that often takes years.
  •  "Easy". Every element of this course is designed to be simple, but work is required.
  • Proven. Every element of this course is a culmination of my 20+ years of owning and operating businesses in a variety of industries.
  •  Straight Forward. You do not have to be a computer wiz. If you're reading this now, you have the skills required.
  •  Extremely Valuable. This course contains everything that my 1-on-1 consulting clients get in their first 90 days of working with me. These clients pay a minimum of $9000 for the exact same sales and marketing insights. I'm able to offer it to you here for so much cheaper because we've automated it, and put all the information online in a do-it-yourself format.

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

If You Don't Make A Return On Your Investment, Show Us The Work You've Done Within 14 Days And Get A Full Refund.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
1. How Will I Get Access To The Course?
After the online check out process, you will be immediately redirected to our Member's Portal where you can create your own unique username and password. You'll then be able to dive into the full course including all of the tools and resources right away.
2. What If I Have Questions While Taking The Course?
You will have 24/7 access to our Member's-Only Facebook community as well as our Client Support portal which is available Mon-Sat 9am-6pm PST. 
3. How Long Will It Take To Get Through The Trainings?
Ultimately you are in control of the pace, so this will vary. Each module consists of 1-2 videos and 1-3 downloadable tools, templates and/or worksheets. Typically clients are able to complete 1 module per day, while still managing their businesses full time.
4. Who Is This Course Best Suited For?
BrightLink Performance and the Small Business Launch System is designed for small business owners and sales professionals who are looking to increase revenue, optimize their day-to-day operations, and simplify their digital marketing strategies. Each of the eight modules in this course are designed to build off of each other and create a stable foundation upon which to build successful, long-term business models within a multitude of industries and professions.
5. Do I Need Any Special Equipment Or Experience To Benefit From This Course?
The only requirements are that you have internet access via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone. No prior business experience or technical computer knowledge is required.
Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?

Send us an email to info@brightlinkconsulting.com.
Small Business Launch System™
  •  7 Day Online Training System
  •  Private Community + Q&A Calls
  •  Lifetime Access
  •  14 day Money Back Guarantee
[Webinar Viewer Discount 80%]
or 3 Payments of $399
$5,000 Everyday price
See What Others Are Saying...
Daniel V.
"I highly recommend Mike to any business that is looking to take their business to the next level."
Robert C.
"Mike has been great to work with over the years, he continues to come up with new fresh ideas and is always thinking one step beyond. He takes pride in his work and produces quality products. He is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend him."
Troi F.
"Mike Walker has transformed my company. His professional knowledge and his team are the best. I have given him 2 referrals who are now using his services."
Albert H.
"Thank you so much Mike and team for your help with social media. On point! And great customer service!"
If you're reading this, it means you're into the details...

I LOVE that!

It tells me that you take your business seriously, and that you're taking this opportunity to work together seriously.

I'm exactly the same way. I read all the fine print before making a move, because I know that once I DO decide to take action.. 


That is who I'm looking to help. People who are committed, and ready to take action.

I'm confident you'll find working together a huge benefit to your results and overall trajectory towards your objectives. But in case you're wondering, I've also taken the "risk factor" out of the equation for you as well, by implementing a 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't believe that this course lives up to what is promised. Simply contact me directly, show me the work you've done within the first 14 days and you'll receive a full refund. Period.

Based on all the positive feedback we get, you won't need it. But I like to offer it here to help people step away from analysis paralysis - and make the shift from simply Surviving... to THRIVING

See You On The Inside,
Mike Walker
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