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The Process
Step 1: Discovery Call
We’ll have an intro call to make sure it’s a great fit and we can help you grow. We want to make sure the companies we are working with have a solid understanding of how it works.
Step 2: Service Agreement
We’ll send you a simple contract outlining the services being provided and the information from you that we'll need to get started. There are no long term contracts. We keep this super simple!
Step 3: OnBoarding Survey
You would complete a simple 15 point questionnaire to provide us with the basic details to start the build. We’ll ask for things like GEO location, 5-10 starting keyword examples, landing page URLS, competitor examples, budgets and a few other starting details.
Step 4: Campaign Build Out
Give us 12-14 days (2 weeks) and we’ll set you up for success. This gives us time to get all the info we need, assigns an account manager, research the keywords, build your ad groups, write the ads, create the ad extensions (site links, callouts, call and snippets), setup the tracking, setup the remarketing and roll it out for long term success!
Step 5: Launch Phase
We put it live and let it collect data to start the optimizations!
Step 6: Optimize & Scale
Over the preceding months our team will continually monitor and optimize your campaign and report on results, so you are always in the know as to how your ads are performing, and the ROI of your marketing dollar.
What Kind Of Campaigns In Google AdWords Do You Run?
We work with Search Campaigns, Remarketing, Display and Shopping ads in the Google Adwords platform.
What's Included In The SetUp Of My Google AdWords Account?
We will build out the account from start to finish in the first couple weeks. This involves campaign setup, ad copy, keyword research, keyword expansion, adgroup structuring, negative keywords, site link extensions, callout extensions, call extensions, snippet extensions (and more if needed), initial bid placements, GEO location targeting…the whole nine yards!.
Do You Offer ReMarketing In The Initial Setup Of My Account?
Yes, and guess what… Basic setup of remarketing is included for free!.
Do You Offer Banner Designs With Your ReMarketing?
Yes, but due to the time and resources involved it’s not included, but we do offer this service. The cost is $400 for a complete and custom set of remarketing banners..
Do You Offer Landing Page Design?
We do! We’re partnered with Unbounce.com, the world’s leading landing page software. Our team has created thousands of pages and have been featured in several articles and blogs for “doing it right”. We have low one-time design fee, then we’ll include all the variations needed to match up with ad groups for free!
Do I Receive Monthly Reports?
Yes. A monthly report is deployed out on the first of each month for the previous month’s data, plus a rolling report going 6 months back in the account. This gives you a summary of the performance each month.
What Are The Minimum Monthly AdSpend Requirements?
We’ll work with any business, and any budget. As long as the budget is in line with the CPCs and level of competition in the market. For example a lawyer or realtor requires a large monthly budget due to higher click costs in the Adwords auction. We suggest that you start with at least $500 a month for budget. Anything less than $500 a month from a budget standpoint typically isn’t enough to have your ads in the auction to collect significant data
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